March 5, 2019

By rahirschi

April 1, 2020

Friends of Gilgal Garden
Board Meeting March 5, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 5:36 PM. In attendance were: Charles Bernard, Robert Hirschi, Michael Hughes, Judi Short, and Lisa Thompson
The meeting commenced with a brief introduction from Michael, the new Treasurer.
Financial Report: Judi provided a very brief report on our current financial status. She brought documents, a memory stick, and the PO Box key for Michael.
Bylaws: Lisa mentioned that there’s an outstanding question on indemnification. Michael recommended a change from “may authorize on a case-by-case” to a more blanket indemnification. He asked about D&O insurance – Charles mentioned that he had sent quotes for D&O insurance to the Board members before a previous meeting. Judi said she would send the quotes around again, and Michael would look at the bylaws.
New Sign: Judi brought sketches, material samples, and information regarding options for a new sign, along with a proposed location about three or four feet inside the entrance on the right. The new design is inspired by a proposed design for Memory Grove, and would include information and a map. Lisa asked if there are sign regulations within the Parks ecosystem. There was a brief discussion regarding Memory Grove, Gilgal, and Parks standards.
ZAP Report: Judi mentioned her plan to meet with Marilee the following day (March 6, 2019). One item of discussion would be an application for ZAP funding for the aforementioned sign. Another is the fact that Friends of Gilgal haven’t spent the ZAP funding to replace lettering on the stones yet, since the sole proposed vendor for that lettering is currently unable to work. Judi explained some of the expenditures that ZAP can be used for, and the three-year grant cycle, for Michael. She also explained that the replacement of the photos is an in-kind donation, and said she would talk to Amy about whether that qualifies as a ZAP match. Lisa mentioned that we should proceed quickly on the sign proposal if we want to go through ZAP, and Judi said she would speak to Kyle about whether he’d have any objections.
Property Line: Judi mentioned that we have a signed agreement with the City now and are waiting on our easement. However, we haven’t made any progress on the property line agreement.
Treasurer: the new Treasurer (Michael) was voted unanimously onto the Board.
Charitable Solicitation Form: Lisa asked if we’re square on our charitable donation forms. Judi said that we are not, but that we will be as soon as we have our entity number and get that submitted. Judi is worried we may have to pay a penalty, but that the priority should be to resolve this as quickly as possible. Judi told Michael that we will soon be listed as a charity with Smith’s and currently are on Amazon Smile. Judi mentioned that next summer is our 20th anniversary, and we should start planning for that.
There was a brief discussion regarding the creation of a Gilgal Instagram account, which Robert said he could do.
Michael asked if we have anyone from the City on the Board. Judi replied that they come if invited, and it was decided that the City would be a great place to recruit an additional Board member.
The meeting adjourned at 6:31 PM.

It lasted one hour – one hour of volunteer time for everyone attending, plus one hour for Charles to prepare these minutes.

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