MINUTES 06-04-2019

By rahirschi

April 1, 2020



ATTENDANCE: Charles Bernard, Ann Floor, Amy Hansen, Michael Hughes, Marylee Peters, Judi Short, Lisa Thompson

5:37 -.Judi welcomed everyone. Before the meeting, there was some discussion of a revised quote for D&O insurance, and whether the city’s blanket coverage covered Gilgal.

In the previous minutes, D&O insurance was accidentally voted on at $149, when the amount is actually $549. We held a re-vote to revise our minutes to reflect that we approved the correct amount from Beehive Insurance and USOI.
Motion to approve actions -Amy. Second – Charles. Vote – Unanimous.

Michael delivered the financial report. $3860.97 Checking $56,974.86 Savings, Earned $137.80 in interest so far this year. We need to file a change of address for our organization. The change of address needs Board members listed. Charles to be listed along with Judi and Michael.

Amy mentioned that Kirk Huffaker with Preservation Utah might be able to suggest a new Board member. Marylee mentioned that Nancy Orr from the city might have some ideas. Amy Hansen said Jeff Ellis might be a candidate, and that we should think of inviting someone from the LDS church. We reviewed the bylaws regarding Board membership – we can have between 5 and 11. We currently have 8.

Amy mentioned that we still need a development plan. She will be able to work on grants. Marylee suggested we designate a Board member or recruit one to develop our plan. Amy informed us that there’s a lot that needs to be crafted; a case for support, who our garden impacts, what sort of donation materials we require. Charles suggested a retreat to discuss this further. There was a brief discussion of who would facilitate a development retreat – Lisa Arnett’s name was mentioned. The timeline for the anniversary party is coming, so the retreat was suggested for June. Amy reported that she currently has everything she needs for the ongoing round of grant applications. She has LOIs in for Union Pacific and will have one in to Eccles shortly. We need letters of support (from the Mayor, our Board, etc.). It was agreed that we need better measures of our impact and population served by the Garden. Mary Lee mentioned that the Arts Council has a mini-grant available that might pay for our Anniversary Party.
Motion for approval: Poll on Retreat Dates, Retreat, Report for July 9 Meeting

Amy mentioned the outline of what we should be doing at the anniversary celebration: 1) community outreach, and 2) thanking donors. Marylee said we should look at the open house ten years ago for a successful model.
ACTION Ongoing

Judi and Lisa mentioned Lynn’s previous handling of the Lot Line Agreement. Lisa said that she should like to meet with Lynn and look over the maps or plats and get the Lot Line settled. Lisa would like to know what the conversations with adjacent property owners have been so far. Marylee said that announcing the conservation easement at the 20th Anniversary party would be a great move.
ACTION: Lisa to meet with Lynn.

There was some discussion of putting the bylaws online where Board members can edit and provide feedback more easily. Judi stated that she would like our files on the website to be better organized. Charles mentioned that an MLIS STUDENT FROM the U would be able to do this quite easily. It was decided that everyone would look at the website and files and see what feedback we can provide by the July 9 meeting.

We got a brief update on John Lambert’s family difficulties and returning to work.

We discussed accessibility and safety in the Garden, and what we can do to increase both. We’ll keep thinking o ways to demonstrate the impact o the Garden and the number of visitors we get (and where they come from, who they are, etc.). We listed art classes, local schools, and other organizations that have utilized the Garden, and agreed that we should think of ways to better document this. Charles mentioned that hell be giving a presentation on Gilgal to Kathy Biele’s PEO chapter and will include an ask at the end.
ACTION: List previous donors. Think of groups we can invite to the Garden, and list groups that do visit the Garden.

The minutes from last meeting were amended (see initial discussion), and then the minutes were approved as amended.
Motion to approve: Charles Seconded: Michael Approved: Unaanimously


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