Minutes 10-01-2019

By rahirschi

April 1, 2020





ATTENDANCE: Charles Bernard, Grant Fetzer, Ann Floor, Amy Hansen, Michael Hughes, Mary Lee Peters, Judi Short


5:37 -.Judi welcomed everyone.



Mary Lee moved (and Ann seconded) the motion that he September minutes be approved.

Action Item: Minutes approved.



Judi signed the ZAP grant contract, allowing us to receive the first installment of money in January. Judi also reported that the City found our $10,000 to pay the easement fees. Mary Lee asked a question regarding where the funds come from – we would be ineligible for the ACE Grant if the funds come from the City’s general fund; Judi will find out. Judi approved a pumpkin carving in the garden for October 23rd; we need to make sure that the time will work with our park hours.

Action Item: Judi to determine whether City funds come from general fund or other source. Judi to follow up on pumpkin carving event time.

Timeframe: By next meeting



Michael reported that we currently have $2,672.62 in checking and $57,108.32 in savings. We have one bill for the commode from United Site Services to mail in. Judi asked about our PayPal, and Michael informed her that it’s working and that we can track names and addresses of donors through the site.

Action Items: Michael to mail in USS bill.



David Amott was not in attendance: Judi had attached materials regarding the internship to our Board email before the meeting. Attendance and interest at the internship event were both quite low according to David. Ann asked if we were offering credit for the internship, something that has to be worked out with an academic department; Judi was not sure.



Amy was not in attendance.




Robert was not in attendance. The Board had questions that would best be answered by him, so no progress was made.



Mary Lee asked what the timeframe for dispersal of the approved funds for John Lambert to perform repairs will be; Judi answered that the approved amount is to get John started on the whole project. Charles pointed out that the Board already approved some funding for John at the September meeting, and that we’ve been waiting since then on John to start.

Action Item: Judi will find out when John Lambert will start work with the already-approved amount of $12,000 (see September minutes, “ZAP FUNDING”).

Timeframe: By November meeting.


Charles said that he is willing to total up people’s hours and transcribe minutes, but that members will need to self-report their hours, whether by shared spreadsheet or on paper (the consensus was that paper would be best).


Ann met with the City’s ADA Liaison to get a broad plan (a “wish list”) of renovations to make the Garden ADA compliant. A person from ASSIST did the same thing (came to the Garden to make estimates). Ann can get bids from both individuals to draft plans. Judi voiced her concern that ADA changes might harm the preservation aspect of the Garden: Ann stated that we can pick and choose which items in the plans we might adopt. This was followed by a brief discussion on ADA commodes that was resolved when it was pointed out that the commode is there for the gardeners, not the park visitors. Ann is working on the permit – it will cost $140, and Michael is helping her with it. She is starting to assemble committees for the various aspects of the celebration. Her goal is to get new people involved. She’s assembling a budget including items like chair and table rentals, etc. She will keep us updated on her list of committee members and her budget. Ann feels (and everyone agreed) that 300 attendees total by the end of the day of the event would be a successful turnout.

Action Items: Ann to get two bids for ADA renovations. Ann to keep us updated on budget and committee composition.

Timeframe: Ongoing.



Mary Lee is working on photo selection and captions to replace three of the current selections. She is looking for both photographs and caption information; both might be found at the Marriott Library’s Gilgal collection.



Judi told us about her difficulty finding/approving photos of Child for an NBC News piece, and Michael pointed out that the Marriott has a very user-friendly online photo library. Judi spoke to the city forester about trimming the pines near the Monument to the Trade in addition to the big willow tree, and about replacing the box elder tree. Judi mentioned that the 9th and 9th Street Festival will also be on 9/23/20; we will just have to manage. There is interest in a November or December visit to the Marriott to meet the archivists and look at the Gilgal collection. Judi mentioned inviting former Master Gardeners to come to the celebration as a reunion. Mary Lee asked what can be done about homeless people in the park, and Grant replied that the best thing to do is call the police.



Minutes prepared by Charles Bernard

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