November 6, 2018

By rahirschi

April 1, 2020

Friends of Gilgal Garden
Board Meeting
November 6, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM.

In attendance were: Roland Brimley, Grant Fetzer, Amy Hansen, Judi Short, Lisa Thompson

Lot Line Agreement: The agreement hasn’t changed, but Lynn should be back in a week.

Treasurer: We have identified a likely new Treasurer! Roland has the finances through October 31, which will provide a clean break. The candidate is Mariela Zhivokova, who has been at Grant Thornton and was previously with Goldman Sachs, and who has degrees from Westminster College and the University of Utah. Plans were made for Judi and/or Amy and/or Lisa to meet with her on November 19, possibly at Stoneground Coffee on 400 South.

Board Commitment Form: Judi is missing forms from Emily, David, Eric, and Robert. There’s some question about whether Emily is still interested – Amy offered to check.

Board Hours: Lisa: 2 hours, Amy: 2 hours, Judi: 6 hours.

Brochures: Amy and Judi are still stocking the brochures, albeit sporadically. Judi was sure to keep the stock full during LDS General Conference. We are down to one full box and two partial boxes. Judi mentioned pricing out a reprint (we haven’t done one since 2014). Judi said we’d discussed printing a smaller quantity in case we wanted to add information before a subsequent reprint. Amy mentioned that in her experience, one annual ask from organizations like Eccles is a good plan, and that we don’t really need to worry about specific asks in our brochures (if we wanted to launch a campaign, we could print an insert for brochures).

Curriculum: Lynn found a card on which there is a reference to a virtual tour and a curriculum at “” Judi had a vague recollection that John Schaeffer from the Children’s Television Workshop was involved in a project of this kind – Lisa offered to reach out to John. Amy asked if the curriculum met state educational Core Standards – Lisa wasn’t sure, and will look into it. Judi mentioned the frequency of field trips to Gilgal, and said the curriculum would be worth pursuing.

Amy mentioned that she’d attended a UMFA event, and thought that patrons of UMFA might be a good potential source of donors if we staged a creative event.

Bylaws: Amy talked to her attorney friend Paula, and she had some suggestions for the indemnification clause (minor changes in language). The friend also recommended that we not forgo D&L insurance. Amy also checked on legal requirements for bylaws; they aren’t required. We are due to renew our charitable solicitation permit. Amy volunteered to follow up on the permit. Lisa had one final revision, which was that we make sure the bylaws’ meeting requirements match the commitment form’s requirements, and Judi pointed out one typo.

Judi suggested that a new Board commitment form be filled out by each Board member every January. Amy supported this, saying that Board giving can encourage donors, and the commitment form would verify that.

It was decided that the revised Bylaws will be emailed out for approval before the next meeting.

Historic Marker: Judi sent around a picture of a marker in Memory Grove as an example. She also communicated with Parks about markers and our options. There was some discussion about the potential size of the marker, whether we want a park-style marker versus something more artistic, etc. – also, what to put on the marker other than basic information (restrictions like no pets? A basic overview of the garden’s history?). There was also a brief discussion of outreach more generally – inclusion of brochures in “what to see” racks at airport hotels, etc. Ultimately, Judi agreed to let the Board know what she hears from Parks about whether standard signage will be required.

Cowboy Partners Meeting: Lynn and Judi had a meeting with Cowboy Partners. They wanted to remind Cowboy Partners to finish capping the wall and doing some repairs before the project is considered fully finished. The cap will be going on and the wall will be repaired at the top shortly. Judi mentioned the wrought iron fencing as a problem. Judi will be sure to get agreement from Cowboy Partners about repairs etc. in writing via email.

Strategic Plan: Lisa, Amy, (maybe) Emily, and Marilee will meet once Amy is back in town to discuss the strategic plan.

Financial Report: Roland brought a final financial report and a copy of FOGG’s tax return for everyone’s review and Judi’s approval. FOGG has just under $61K in the bank. Roland brought financial documents for the next Treasurer, along with $100 in forever stamps. Roland also mentioned that someone attempted to defraud us via emails from “Judi Short” – he brought copies of the email correspondence. Fortunately, no money was stolen. Finally, Roland submitted his resignation letter and the post office box key, as well as a thumb drive with the FOGG financial documents’ electronic versions.

It was decided that the new Treasurer’s confirmation vote will take place by email after the initial meeting. Judi and Roland agreed to coordinate a meeting with Lynn to change over bank authorizations and names on accounts.

The meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM.

It lasted 90 minutes – 90 minutes of volunteer time for everyone attending, plus 90 minues for Charles to prepare these minutes.

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