MINUTES 05-07-2019






ATTENDANCE: Judi Short, Robert Hirschi, Amy Hansen, Lisa Thompson, Richard Hughes, David Richardson, Ann Floor, and MaryLee Peters.


5:45 – Judi thanked the group for coming and acknowledged that a quorum was present which meant that past minutes and revised bylaws could be voted on.



Grant Fetzer and David Richardson have resigned their board membership and will join the Emeritus Committee.

Ann Floor and MaryLee Peters are joining the board.

The addition of a member from the SLC Parks department was discussed and MaryLee will talk to Nancy Montieth about this possibility.

Motion to approve actions -Judi.  Second – Lisa.  Vote – Unanimous.



Judi presented the minutes from  November 2018 and March 2019 meetings for approval.

Motion for approval ?        Second ?        Vote ? 6 yes, 2 abstentions.



A discussion of the revised bylaws followed with several members offering corrections and additions which were inserted into the document.

Lisa will send a copy of the amended Bylaws to the board and Robert will add it to the resource section of the website.

Motion to approve bylaws as amended – Lisa.  Seconded -Ann. Vote -unanimous.



Michael reported that in the past month FOGG has received $ 75 in donations, and $2800 which is the final  payment of the 2018 ZAP grant.  Current account status is $56,941 in Savings and $5,000 in Checking.


The renewal of the  Solicitation License is complete.


The form required to change the fiscal year from July 1-June 30 to January 1-December 30 has been submitted.


Beehive insurance has recommended that FOGG purchase board insurance from USLI at $149 annually.

Motion to purchase insurance – Amy.  Second – MaryLee.  Vote – Unanimous.




Amy reported that she is working on the letter of intent for the Union Pacific Foundation grant. It is due May 31. Award would be for a 2020 summer project.

She also mentioned other possible grant applications including a Dumke grant due September 1. She will ask for small amounts $500 to $7000.


Discussion followed about using the signage project for the UP grant or doing it this summer.  The need for a project priority list was noted. No decision was made.


Amy needs three letters of recommendation to be used for this and other applications. She will compose a draft. Judi will contact the Mayor’s office. MaryLee will contact Vicki Bourne ED at Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and Lisa will contact Kurt Huffaker ED at  Preservation Utah.



Lisa inquired about the status of the Heritage designation. Judi gave an update noting that Lynn Curt, who had been facilitating the project, has moved  and is no longer available to follow up. Lisa volunteered to take over leadership of this project.