Amy Hansen

My first memory of Gilgal Sculpture Garden was as a young professional working in historic preservation in the late 90’s.  What struck me about Gilgal Garden was the “folk” nature of the artwork.  I was immediately compelled by how unique the garden, sculptures, and inscribed stones are–not created for a particular aesthetic value, but instead as an artistic snapshot into one man’s mind.  Some of the art is admittedly strange, which is what appeals most to me! One could never replicate the unique qualities of Gilgal Sculpture Garden.  While my search for meaning in life is distinctly different from those of the creator of this space, I still find Gilgal a great place to contemplate the mysteries of life.  Over the years, Gilgal has become more aesthetic, and I do love how the plantings and landscaping highlight the art in the garden, and invite all of us urban dwellers to enter for some calm and respite from our busy lives.
Salt Lake City.