Captain of the Lord’s Host



This monument represents the Biblical story of the captain who appeared to Joshua and gave him a plan to assure the Israelite’s victory over Jericho. The outline of the captain with his sword drawn was sketched with an oxyacetylene torch on the surface of the 38-ton silica quartzite stone.

A gnarled and pitted rock forms the head of the warrior. Visitors frequently asked Child if he planned to carve it. He replied, “No, I intend to leave it as it is thereby taking advantage of the liberties of modern art. The nature of this monument does not require accuracy… It is sometimes more potent to suggest and cause wonderment than to explain in detail.”

Behind this monument is a patio of engraved stones and boulders that commemorates Child’s family. A bronze plaque on the back of the captain is inscribed with the names of his family’s ancestors and others who contributed in some way to Child’s happiness. This patio was Child’s favorite place for meditation.

512  Hortense Child’s audio interpretation of the Captain of the Lord’s Host sculpture