What are the open hours and dates?

The public is invited to visit the garden seven days a week.

There is no admission charge.

Walking tour brochures are available at the garden.

Visiting hours:

April – September – 8 am to 8 pm

October – March – 9 am to 5 pm

Closed on New Year Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Can a wedding, reception or other event be held at Gilgal?

Yes but our current policy does not allow food and catered events.
Large groups are not practical because of limited facilities.

Otherwise you have to get a use permit from the Salt Lake City Parks Division.
Online reservations are available here. Their phone number is 801-972-7860.

Are dogs allowed in the park?

Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash and the owners pick up after them.

Is there handicap parking and wheelchair access?

Yes. The park is fully accessible to wheelchairs and there is parking on the street.