I was introduced to Gilgal Garden when I was about 11 in the early 1960’s.  Our Sunday School teacher made arrangements with the owners to bring her Sunday School class to Gilgal Garden.  In the Garden, some of the stories we had been told came alive through the rock sculptures.
We were impressed with the stones with scriptures and other writings that the blind could trace and read.   One of the owners would come and give us a tour of the garden and answer questions.   We learned about the craftsman, Mr. Child, and developed an appreciation for the the beautiful work that he did.
I visited Gilgal Garden several times after that initial exposure.  It seemed to be a beautiful, hidden secret.  Over the years,  I have continued to visit the Garden.   I am so glad that the  Gilgal Garden has been preserved.

Millcreek, Utah 2020

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