Bruce Miya

I grew up in the neighborhood in the 1950s and spent many Saturday mornings there. Back then the sculptures were in the back yard of a private residence and so you had to go down the owner’s driveway to get to the backyard. If caught then you were “asked” to leave. However, the allure of running around the sculptures was impossible to resist. The sphinx was my absolute favorite. I’m sure the owners weren’t happy with steady stream of kids. I know this because after a while, a fence and gate were built closing off the backyard. Now, I periodically meet a friend for coffee at the garden. I take the time to read the text that had always been an integral part of the sculpture and I still can’t resist climbing on the sculptures. We are all indebted to the leadership of Robert Bliss who spearheaded the effort to save Gilgal.

July 21, 2020