Judi Short

The first time I went to Gilgal was in 2009.  I was in the USU Extension Master Gardener Program.  Part of the requirement was to do 40 hours of community service, in one of the approved Master Gardener projects.  Gilgal was on the list, and a mile from my home, so I chose that one.  I found a wonderful group of gardeners, some experienced, and some just learning.  I learned something new every time I came, even though I had been gardening for 30 some years at that time.  Bev Sudbury was the project leader, always willing to teach.  And, she ONLY used the botanical names of plants, which forced me to learn those.  I still try to use those most of the time.

Bev was in her 80’s at that point, and at some point  she decided I should be her replacement.  But, she didn’t tell me right away.  She brought me to the board meetings (Friends of Gilgal Garden), and got me hooked on the issues Friends faced.  I was hooked.  When she announced she was retiring, I took over the garden team.  And, some years later I became President of Friends of Gilgal Garden (FOGG).

FOGG is the conservator of the garden, which means they are responsible to see that the rock sculptures are maintained and repaired, if needed.  People think rocks are forever, but that isn’t true.  They degrade, and crack over time.  Visitors to the garden climb on them, that is very hard on the rocks.  The spire on the Monument to the Priesthood is a great example.  We will be spending several thousand dollars to repair it after the kids have been trying to see how high they can climb.

Finding the funding for those repairs is always a challenge.  We do get some donations, and some ZAP (Zoo Arts and Parks) money each year, and occasionally other grants.  But, our list of needed repairs, always will take more money than we have cash in the bank.  We are a 501c3 non-profit, so donations are tax deductible. We appreciate all donations, you can donate here .

Or, you can send a check to PO Box 58447 Salt Lake City UT 84158-0447.

I hope you will visit the garden soon at 749 East 500 South in Salt Lake City.  It is unlike anything

you have ever seen!!